Thaksin demands a ‘clean’ cabinet

Thaksin demands a ‘clean’ cabinet – Bangkok Post, August 4, 2011
…Thaksin has let it be known he wants the first Yingluck cabinet to look good. A party source said he has been trying to recruit respected figures from outside the political arena despite the pressure from party factions demanding recognition in the form of ministerial seats.
Thaksin’s firm grip on the party’s fortunes mean red shirt leaders elected to parliament may not be invited into the cabinet. But the source said they could take over posts in any reshuffles that occur later…

Cabinet line-up to show Thaksin’s resolve – The Nation, August 4, 2011
…Moreover, Thaksin will appoint people who can tolerate different views and are ready to work with all parties as ministers in security-related posts, such as the deputy prime minister overseeing security issues, and at the Interior and Defence ministries.
“Thaksin wants those who can tolerate criticism, and not people who immediately counter what is said. He doesn’t want the ‘hard core’ as ministers, as they would love to create violence and destroy the atmosphere of reconciliation, and especially the image of Yingluck’s first Cabinet,” a key Pheu Thai member said…

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