Thaksin Blinks – Court Siege Called Off

Thaksin acts shrewdly in ending court demo – Bangkok Post, May 9, 2013
…Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s controversial “Mongolia Speech” was an important factor.
At first, the Pheu Thai Party drew energy from the speech. They thought it was sharp and powerful. But the speech was met with a major backlash and Ms Yingluck suffered harsh criticism.
The negative public mood against Ms Yingluck–and the realisation that the anti-Constitution Court rally would probably fall flat–led to Thaksin’s decision to finally call the rally off.
To ease political tensions, Thaksin has also increased pressure on his people to speed up parliamentary approval of the amnesty and reconciliation bills…

Thaksin key to rally’s end – Reds plan to file treason charges against judges – Bangkok Post, May 9, 2013
…The MPs had also joined the protest in front of the Constitution Court on Chaeng Watthana Road in Bangkok.
But they later withdrew their support after demonstration leaders ignored their warnings and attacked Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda, threatened Constitution Court judges and used obscene words.
Once the MPs left, the number of demonstrators dwindled before they finally dispersed Wednesday…

Govt ‘must push agenda’ – The Nation, May 9, 2013
…”Our party has been pushed to the brink of a ravine. We launched an election campaign saying that we would rewrite the entire charter, but [charter-change] opponents submitted a petition against it and the Constitutional Court ruled that we have to amend the charter one article at a time.
“But when we tried to amend particular articles, the same group submitted another petition to the Constitutional Court, which accepted it by a vote of 3-2. The party did not know how to react because we were already acting on the court’s advice, but we still faced obstacles. As a result, we resolved not to accept the court’s authority and we had to inform the public that the Constitutional Court is interfering in the work of the legislative branch,” Phumtham said…

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