Thaksin Confuses His Buffaloes

From Manager, April 25, 2012
Thaksin is holding a cape that reads: Aristocrat
Left: Ram… ram now! [meaning he is ordering the buffalo to attack Thailand’s aristocrats]
Right: Worship… worship now!
The caption reads: Do like this and the buffalo will be confused.

[Buffaloes here is an insulting term for a person–particularly the rural people who form the backbone of Thaksin’s support.
The joke is that in the past Thaksin has painted Bangkok’s aristocratics (euphemistically meant to mean unelected high-borns with power–the Privy Council and above) as the enemies of the people. However, the recent moves of the government to suddenly cosy up to Privy Councilor Prem have angered and confused Thaksin’s supporters.]

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