“Set Zero” for the “Fat Family”

From Khaosod, October 26, 2013
Title: Set Zero… Fat family
On the book Yaowapa is holding: Blanket amnesty bill
Her husband, former PM Somchai, is standing behind her.

[Thaksin has proposed the idea of “set zero” to solve political conflicts in Thailand by supporting a blanket amnesty bill. This taps into the Thai idea that no one should be singled out and blamed regardless of right and wrong and conforms to many past political ruptures when, afterwards, all were pardoned. It has been reported that Thaksin’s sister, Yaowapa Wongsawat, a government MP who is thought to have greater influence than her younger sister, PM Yingluck, has called on Red Shirts to support a blanket amnesty. “Fat family” means “corrupt family.” There are persistent rumors, just as there were when Thaksin was PM, that his family members have reaped windfalls from corrupt government deals.]

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