Thaksin and his ghosts howl!


From Manager, February 1, 2016
Man: This new talisman seems to have a strong power.
On the talisman sign above the door: Constitution Meechai
Caption: To have power or not? Can tell from listening to the screaming of those ghosts.
Red words at right spoken by Thaksin and his allies: Greed… d… d… d Ah… h… h… [the sound of screaming and howling]

[This refers to the reaction to the new draft constitution from Thaksin and his Red Shirt allies. The charter is criticized for giving independent agencies the ability to check an elected government’s actions as well as for preserving an uncertain level of military oversight of politics.
As the coup itself (as well as the draft constitution) was designed to prevent Thaksin’s Pheu Thai Party from a wholesale rewrite of the constitution to return Thaksin to power, the new charter is assumed to have the same goal.
The cartoonist contends that the predictable outrage from Thaksin and his cronies proves that the charter would accomplish its purpose–block Thaksin from power.]

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