Thaksin comments on the 2010 protest deaths report: Resistance to his return means political chaos

Thaksin writes to families of 2010 ‘martyrs’ – The Nation, September 23, 2012

[This shows an attempt to reposition the argument to center once again on Thaksin’s return. The TRCT report on the 2010 protest deaths, along with the fawning behavior of Metropolitan Police chief Kamronwit Thoopkrachang towards Thaksin, has proven to be a further distraction from the quest to bring Thaksin home.
In particular, the way the TRCT report has galvanized both Red Shirts and the Pheu Thai faithful to voice their own desire for truth and justice for the deaths in service of democracy threatens the single-minded focus that is supposed to be on Thaksin’s need for a pardon or amnesty.]

…”I feel grateful for the sacrifice of all martyrs who re-established democracy but met with fate. I insist that I always feel grateful to the debt of honour I owe to all of you and will try to take the best care of the families of everyone,” Thaksin wrote.
He said giving all Thais the opportunity to become prosperous was also his goal but he had faced resistance from those who oppose change. “This leads to the political chaos [that persists] up to the present. But I will offer you both my moral support and will stand by you until I die.”
…Somchai said people who did not want Thaksin to return feared him because he was more able than them, claiming that eventually, no one could stop Thaksin from returning if the call by the people became like a wall of water breaking a water bank…

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