Thaksin’s dreams can end Thai democracy

Thaksin’s dreams can end Thai democracy –, July 5, 2011
[This article is unusual if only for the idea that it squarely blames Thaksin’s ambition for the state of political affairs in Thailand. Over the last few years, much of the international press have pointed to the Thai establishment for harming democratic rule.]
…Mr Thaksin was at the heart of these tensions. First elected in 2001, he proved a revelation. For the first time here was a Thai politician who appealed to the poor – who, as in many developing countries, comprise the majority of the electorate. Politically engaged for the first time, they turned out in droves. Yet as he won mandate after mandate, Mr Thaksin – like other elected autocrats such as Vladimir Putin or Hugo Chavez – began to undermine the rule of law, enacting policies that favoured his family businesses…

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