Thais won’t need to smile anymore

From Thairath, February 22, 2019
Left: You may be a last group of the tourists who will see a welcome…
Middle, Thai man: …with a warm hospitality from Thai people as a host.
Tourist: What happened?
Right: After the election, there is one political party that, if it gets power, will not allow Thai people to smile.

[Refers to Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit who was quoted as saying that Thai people smile because they do not have any views or stands on policies. This quote was criticized as it seems to look down on grassroots voters.
We think the joke is that, if Thanathorn’s party gets into power, he will show he has strong opinions on things and force everyone to have strong opinions as well, thus eliminating the need for Thai people to smile blankly. Or perhaps that a win for Thanathorn and his policies will mean no one will want to smile.]

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