Thais use cars incorrectly.

From Thairath, February 10, 2013
The title reads: Thais use cars incorrectly.
Top left: Use a pickup car to withdraw money from ATM. [refers to thefts from ATMs]
Top middle: Use ASTV media group’s cars as a shooting target. [refers to ASTV cars that were shot at]
Top right: Use a police car and uniform to smuggle. [refers to a police officer caught smuggling]
Bottom left: Use a car to ask for food. [refers to monks caught making their rounds for alms in a car]
Bottom middle: Use a free public bus to attract public votes. [refers to Bangkok Governor candidates promising free public transport in return for support]
Bottom right: Use a car to promote the Prime Minister as a mother of fortune. [The license plates of cars used by Yingluck are often winning lottery numbers.]

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