Thais to Investigate King’s Tomb in Mandalay

Thais to Investigate King’s Tomb in Mandalay – The Irrawaddy, October 12, 2012
…According to Burmese history records, King Hsinbyushin (1736-76), the third king of Burma’s Konbaung Dynasty, invaded the ancient Thai capital Ayutthaya in 1767 and brought many of its subjects, including Uthumphon, back to his capital Ava.
Dr. Tin Maung Kyi, a well-known Burmese historian and Mandalay resident, previously told The Irrawaddy that records say the Thai king was in monkhood when he was brought back as a prisoner of war, and when he died in captivity his body was buried at Linzin Hill.
It is believed that Uthumphon died during the reign of King Bodawpaya (1745-1819), the sixth king of the same dynasty…

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