The war for strict Islamic law in Thailand’s south

Thailand’s war without an audience – Boston Globe, July 21, 2012
…Yet just 200 miles away from this lush, wealthy scene, in a more rural part of the country, a far different daily routine is taking place. Most days, before the sun even sets, violence will shatter any sense of calm. Armed insurgents blow massive holes in the roads with IEDs. When the insurgents seize officials, teachers, or even ordinary rubber plantation workers believed to have sympathies with the national government, they behead them and leave their decapitated bodies in public places. They warn residents to obey a strict form of Islam and not to cooperate with the government. Fighters storm buses and strafe them with gunfire, killing young children, and firebomb primary schools, leaving charred remains and prompting schoolteachers to pack pistols in the classroom…

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  1. mm says:

    Thai politicians are not interested in any issue in which there is no immediate kick-back. The sum total of this government’s actions in the Deep South has been trying to bribe the Wada faction back into its fold. (This is something do-able, since it inevitably involves a cash exchange.) Wada is, however, also totally incapable of controlling the violence. They are all more than prepared to continue presiding over a bloodbath, just so long as it never reaches their gated enclaves.

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