Thailand’s Rural Boom Yields Mercedes and $6,000 Jacuzzis

Thailand’s Rural Boom Yields Mercedes and $6,000 Jacuzzis – Business Week, October 28, 2013
…For much of Thailand’s recent history, the powerhouse of Southeast Asia’s second-biggest economy has been its glitzy capital. Now, a convergence of local and international currents is reshaping the nation’s economic geography.
In the northeast, rising incomes, property prices and consumer spending have sent economic growth surging by 8 percent annually, or double the rate of Bangkok, according to Siam Commercial Bank Pcl.
Meanwhile, further to the south, Thailand’s burgeoning auto industry — in 2012 the 10th-biggest manufacturer in the world — has brought such prosperity to a region known as the eastern seaboard that one province, Rayong, has become twice as rich as Bangkok in terms of per capita income, according to government data…

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