Thailand’s Red Shirt hero relaxes and waits

Thailand’s Red Shirt hero relaxes and waits –, January 7, 2011
…He insisted he is not advising members of the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), the formal name for the Red Shirts, who enjoy wide support among Thailand’s rural poor and working class.
“I don’t know them,” he said…

[It is a bizarre contention by the author of this article that Thaksin “has kept a low profile since being ousted.”
Also there has been very little question that Thaksin has been both financing and directing the Pheu Thai and Red Shirt movement to effect his own goal of overthrowing the government. In recent weeks Thaksin’s phone-ins to both groups promising money and support seemed to confirm, even to the most skeptical, that Thaksin is directly controlling their revolutionary activities from Dubai. It makes these claims he is not advising the Red Shirts quite incredible.]

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