Thailand’s New Democracy

From Thairath, January 18, 2018
Title: Thailand’s democracy
On the tank: Appointed PM
On Meechai’s suite: My own rules
On Wissanu’s suit: Political counsel
On flags behind PM Prayuth: Can’t check corruptions; Wearing the uniform to play politics [meaning military men forming a political party]; My own rules and want to extend my stay [referring to PM Prayuth’s apparent gambit to remain PM after the next elections]; Writing laws for gaining power; Destroy political parties; Use power as they like; Correct the charges [meaning changing laws so the outcome of court cases suits them]
On the crosses from left to right: Students; People who think differently, people [groups that have been hounded by the junta for their protests]
Above the skulls: Violate; Human rights
On the dag (representing this year, the year of the dog) is the Buddhist-era date: 2561 [2018]
Phi Nooring: Back to old-style politics [meaning this sort of military-directed democracy is similar to the way Thai politics used to be.]
Mouse: He isn’t done yet. [meaning that the military PM is not willing to give up power yet]

[Refers to the emerging democracy under the junta. Many groups express concern that the junta is preparing to hold on to power via the constitution written under the direction of Meechai Ruchupan and advised by Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngam.]

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