Thailand’s Authoritarianism


From Thairath, September 3, 2016
Title: Ticks are so noisy.
Words from the men on the army boot: Having malicious intention, Prem’s model, Cheating, Don’t believe
On the men’s shirts: Fellow, servants, appointed by a group, patron-client system
Signs held by Red Shirt leaders from back to front: The charming PM must be elected by the people. And follow the democracy model accepted by the international community.
Phi Nooring: Afraid of not having something to hold on to.
Mouse: Thailand’s authoritarianism.
In the bubble next to the mouse: Itchy.

[In Thailand, to call someone as a tick implies they are a parasite that stick to other people for their own benefit. The cartoon illustrates that there are lot of people trying to stick to the junta for their own benefit.
The cartoon mentions “Prem’s model” to refer to Thailand’s political system in the 1980s. The new constitution appears to recreate this semi-democratic system from that period.]

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