Thailand wants refugee returned

Thailand wants refugee returned –, January 8, 2015
[This brings to mind recent advice from an anti-monarchy activist advising Thais who want to immigrate that they could accomplish this by insulting the monarchy and then claiming refugee status overseas.]
…Thai spokesman Sek Wannamethee said Thailand had asked New Zealand officials to clarify Mr Ekaphop’s refugee status.
“Mr Ekaphop is exploiting his status granted by the New Zealand Government to conduct political activities which have reverse impact on Thailand’s security,” he said.
“Such a movement is considered an obstacle to the peace-building process and the good relationship between both countries. Therefore, Thailand requested New Zealand to revoke his status in order to stop his actions against the law…”

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4 Responses to Thailand wants refugee returned

  1. Wiz says:

    When UNHCR has declared war against Thai people by giving political refugee status to Ai Tang as well as those anti monarchy malcontents, it is about time for Thai people to withdraw financial contributions to UNHCR as retaliation – and indeed we DO withdraw our donation including the cancelling of donation by credit cards – Next is to withdraw our diplomats and terminate the relationship along with boycotting New Zealand products – and Now we do learn that Colonel Romanov also gets UNHCR protection before he died

    love King TH said:
    I am a Thai. Promise to all…I work in SG, MY and TH. will never donate for UNHCR anymore…. go to H e ll….

    Dick said:
    I used to donated to UNHCR 700 Baht a month – Now, I have to withdraw all of my donate as UNHCR has support those Anti Monarchy malcontents who want away the land to foreign imperialists and protecting those UDD men who burn down our cities – your crimes of protecting the crooks have been decided and vindicated as you support those who want to turn Thai people like us as Refugees! .

  2. Based upon Thailand’s past history of mistreating refugees (Hmong, Rohingya, etc…) the hostility towards the UNHCR is not surprising.

  3. Wiz says:

    Have a lot to do with the general negative viewpoints toward those refugees though.

    Opened letter from Big Too to UNHCR on the issue of Ai Tang

  4. Wiz says:

    Moh Rianthong said – well since Ai Tang is getting protection from New Zealand government, then we are going to run the tour to insult him as the way to deal with those anti monarchy malcontents with protection from Foreign governments accordingly

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