Thailand Unshackles Some Death Row Inmates

Amnesty International Welcomes Unchaining Of Thai Prisoners – Khaosod, May 15, 2013
…He said tobe on death row and was chained down for almost 4 years. The physical andmental pain caused by the chains is still alive in his mind even though yearshave passed. It was a feeling of constant discomfort while he was sitting,sleeping, going to the toilet.
But the pain, he said, was at its greatest in his heart.He said that he felt like he was a hell creature, a non-human. He thinks that allchained inmates feel the same way.
“This kindness offered today is easing the torment in hell to some extent,” Mr. Wisut said.
It should be noted that although shackles are mostly applied to serious crime prisoners or suspects, those who were charged with lese majeste, such as Mr. Somyot Prueksakasemsuk, are often shackled when they appear before the judges. The practice has caused uproar among civil rights activists who see it as further punishment of ′prisoners of conscience′.

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