THAILAND: Question marks over new approach to drug-users

THAILAND: Question marks over new approach to drug-users – IRIN, November 23, 2012
…According to the treatment division at the Thai government’s Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB), nearly half a million drug-users voluntarily registered for rehabilitation in the past year. Some 100,000 overcame their addiction problems.
Previously only 40,000-60,000 drug-users received free treatment in government-run hospitals per year, with many more filling up the prisons.
“The government’s intention to help the drug-users to quit drugs is good. However, as the success of drug treatment is mainly due to the readiness and willingness of drug-users, the approach of the treatment in large groups within a certain period of time is not appropriate and has little chance of succeeding,” Petsri Siriniran, director of the National AIDS Management Centre in the Public Health Ministry’s Department of Disease Control, told IRIN…

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