Thailand on a leash


From Komchadluek, September 28, 2015

Here, Thailand, represented by Bangkok’s Democracy Monument, is leashed, or perhaps shackled, to the U.N.

Thais’ general inability to explain their own very different ways of doing things and unusual values in comparison to international norms often makes them prey to broad uninformed characterizations and criticisms from international bodies.

For instance, there is confusion over international calls for a quick return to elections. Some Thais chafe at such suggestions as they would result in a return to power for Thaksin–who proved to be a most undemocratic leader during his time as prime minister.

The cartoon represents this Thai viewpoint towards the U.N. and international opinion. Thais are eager to elicit good opinions from other nations and will go to great lengths in papering over difficulties in the service creating a good image for the world.

The rhetorical skills of top Thai officials–be they junta chief Prayuth or fugitive PM Thaksin, are attuned to the necessities of the Thai world and they have little ability to convincingly make their case on a world stage.

Thaksin himself became frustrated with the U.N. during his time as premiere when he made his famous declaration “the U.N. is not my father.” This horrified traditionalists who followed a line of continual deference towards international bodies.

These organizations have repeatedly proved that they have no understanding of Thailand. When matched with the Thai’s inability to understand how his ways might be seen through another’s eyes, it is no wonder most Thais wish to cover up problems of concern to the international community and simply assure the world that everything is ok in Thailand. Editor Ron Morris’ book, The Thai Book: A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations, is available in the Kindle Store.

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