Red and Yellow cartoonists agree on the submarine issue

From Manager, July 9, 2015
Title: I knew it. By Buncha/Karmin
Small red words: Thailand needs
Big red word crossed out by suffering farmers: Submarines
[The word “submarine” is made up of the root word “water” so by crossing out the first part, it leaves the word “water.” This changes the phrase “Thailand needs submarines” to “Thailand needs water.”]
The farmers say: This is what we need, Chief Prayuth!


From Thairath, July 10, 2015
Title: Being respectful to us first.
On the submarine: 36,000 million baht.
Papers in front of the sumarine: Farmers grows crickets; should better grow cowage [a local plant known as mah mui in Thai that has a medicinal value. PM Prayuth urged farmers to diversity their planting from rice to more lucrative crops.]
Prayuth says: We did not have an intention to make war with any other countries, we only want our neighbor countries to be more respectful to us. [A quote from PM Prayuth to justify the creation of a Thai submarine fleet. The title of the cartoon says the PM should be respectful to the people of Thailand first.]
From up right: Low income; Agriculturist poverty; Drought; Economic recession
Mouse: Treat the poor first.
Mouse man: Please respect Thai people first.

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