Can Thailand Regain Its Economic ‘Mojo’?


Above: Wharton uses an image from Bagan, Myanmar for an article on Thailand.

Can Thailand Regain Its Economic ‘Mojo’? – Wharton, October 26, 2015
…Thailand has not seen “policies focused on the supply side — on enhancing our productivity, on longer-term issues of competitiveness, on developing new sectors along the lines that was done back in the 1980s….”

Thailand and the TPP: Exports at Risk –, October 26, 2015
…Thailand’s top five exports to the world – amounting to a 50% of its total sales – included Electronic Equipment, Machinery, Vehicles, Rubber, and Plastics. With a consumer base that is still in the process of developing, any realized trade diversion is unlikely to find natural mitigation in supplementary domestic consumption. Instead, exporters are expected to be forced to find international alternatives…

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