Can Thailand Regain Its Economic ‘Mojo’?


Above: Wharton uses an image from Bagan, Myanmar for an article on Thailand.

Can Thailand Regain Its Economic ‘Mojo’? – Wharton, October 26, 2015
…Thailand has not seen “policies focused on the supply side — on enhancing our productivity, on longer-term issues of competitiveness, on developing new sectors along the lines that was done back in the 1980s….”

Thailand and the TPP: Exports at Risk –, October 26, 2015
…Thailand’s top five exports to the world – amounting to a 50% of its total sales – included Electronic Equipment, Machinery, Vehicles, Rubber, and Plastics. With a consumer base that is still in the process of developing, any realized trade diversion is unlikely to find natural mitigation in supplementary domestic consumption. Instead, exporters are expected to be forced to find international alternatives…

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2 Responses to Can Thailand Regain Its Economic ‘Mojo’?

  1. Wiz says:

    on the issue of Pros and cons of TPP which has become an economic controversy

    nothing good to say about TPP with Uncle Sam other than the way to make Uncle Sam love us more at the expenses of our own interests

    Big Too telling the press that No need to be urgent to joint TPP as TPP is the controversial subjects due to the opened hatred by NGOs on healthcare who have been hurt by the strings attached from TPP while those businessmen are being lull with TPP deals without giving a damn to the string attached

    Than Setthakij said FTI Supporting TPP deal with Uncle Sam – those businessmen who support TPP no longer give a damn to the string attached with a potential to become tightening nooses for them – so long they are fattened by TPP deals, those who suffer from TPP deals are expendable after all.

    As expected – Ai Phichit Likitkijsomboon is acting like a sycophant for TPP Deal – so long he got fat by TPP deal, those who suffer from TPP deal do not matter after all – they are expendable like a cannon fodder so long those expendable have made them fatter …

    As expected – NGOs on Healthcare including Moh Hathai showing the strong opposition against TPP Deal to the bitter end due to the treat of rising cost of medicines as the pharmaceutical companies can raise the price of medicines as they please while the patients including senior citizens are paying more for the same medicines – get fatter at the expense of those who have not much is a crime.

    TPP Controversy – the plan of of Uncle Sam to encircle red dragon? Well We need TPP in our own terms, not the term that Uncle Sam is going to coerce us to accept – How about the new silk road of Red Dragon? We also need the new silk road in our own term, not the term red dragon is coiling to force us to accept either

  2. Wiz says:

    TPP can hurt our livestock business as the pig farming association has warned – even Poultry business in Thailand will be hurt a lot

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