Thailand in decline

Thailand’s outdated tech sector casts cloud over economy – Reuters, March 18, 2015
…In 2009, Vietnam’s electronics exports were worth $2.8 billion, a tenth of the size of Thailand’s. Last year they had reached $37.3 billion, compared with Thailand’s $33 billion.
Vietnam’s lower wage costs – the minimum wage there is around $6.35 a day compared with $9.14 in Thailand, according to the Kasikorn Research Center – and the government incentives to lure producers are behind its appeal. Microsoft Corp, Canon Inc and Intel Corp have all set up facilities there in recent years…

Old Man Thailand Feels Pain of Economic Arthritis – Bloomberg, March 18, 2015
[After encouraging large families in the 1950s and 1960s, discouraging them from the 1970s to the 1990s, the government now has to again reverse track and encourage Thais to have more children…]
…Thailand’s working-age population is forecast to peak in 2017, a year after South Korea, according to estimates by Bank of America Merrill Lynch based on UN data. Indonesia won’t get there till 2058 and the Philippines not until 2085. In China, which adopted a one-child policy in the 1980s, the decline began in 2012.
Thailand’s pool of workers is shrinking as it tries to regain its position as a regional powerhouse for manufacturing and exports after floods inundated its industrial heartland in 2011 and years of political impasse ended in a military coup last year…

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