Thailand holds peace talks with Muslim insurgents

Thailand holds peace talks with Muslim insurgents – Reuters, August 16, 2012
…The government has ruled out peace talks in the past, most recently in April, but Yutthasak Sasiprapa, a deputy prime minister in charge of security in the south, confirmed there had been a change of heart.
“Right now we are holding peace talks with different insurgent groups but we are still not clear what they want,” he told reporters…

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2 Responses to Thailand holds peace talks with Muslim insurgents

  1. PBarnfeather says:

    Apeasement of the Islamic Religion has not worked for 1382 years–why would it work now?

  2. mm says:

    It certainly has taken quite a few centuries for capitalist adventurers to begin to figure that arabs are not exactly honest in their dealings – either at home or abroad. However, we are NOT dealing with arabs here. The insurgents do not have the wherewithal to solve this problem alone. Non-militant locals ditto.This problem COULD be solved by a government that has the ability to think for itself in the longer term. This has never been the case before. Why would it work now? In this case, appeasement is a complete non-issue.

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