Thailand floods: When journalists embellish visuals

Thailand floods: When journalists embellish visuals –, November 8, 2011
[Thanks to Noel for pointing this out.]
…At the risk of breaching journalists’ work etiquette by interfering in someone else’s work, I pointed this out to him.
“Have you done much television journalism?” he shot back, implying either that staging events is a common enough practice in television news or that the medium’s heavy dependence on visuals requires stage-management now and then.
He was certainly hardly alone in that. Farther up the street, at a small open-air market near the city’s Grand Palace, another TV crew was staging an event for the camera.
Chancing upon a couple of young Thai Army soldiers loitering about at an embankment, they asked them to pretend they were piling up sandbags on it…

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