Thailand Floods: Straw that Broke the Broker’s Back

Thailand Floods: Straw that Broke the Broker’s Back – The Irrawaddy, November 2, 2011
…“Night time deportations are dangerous, international standards dictate deportations should be taking place only in the day. Night-time deportations have to stop,” said Andy Hall, a migration policy expert at Mahidol University in Bangkok.
In areas of flood-devastated Pathum Thani, a suburb on the northern outskirts of the vast Thai capital, mafia figures are keeping Burmese migrants as virtual prisoners in waist-high water, now sitting stagnant and stinking for up to two weeks.
“If they want to leave, they have to pay,” said another NGO worker who helps Burmese migrants in the area, adding that just five to 10 percent of the Burmese workers which usually live there now remain. “But many have no valid papers,” he added…

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