Thailand erupts as pro-government ‘red shirts’ attack protesters

Thailand erupts as pro-government ‘red shirts’ attack protesters – Globe and Mail, January 5, 2014
…Mr. Suthep and his acolytes – a broad cross-section of society that includes doctors, actors, housewives, retirees and foreign-based Thais back home to protest – have sought to prevent the election from happening. But, Mr. Suthep told a crowd gathered around Bangkok’s Democracy Monument Sunday night, they intend to do so without bullets.
Calling the government “liars” over the allegation of stolen guns, he said: “You are crazy. I can confirm that we will fight peacefully.”
Ms. Yingluck, meanwhile, made a thinly veiled threat that the country will plunge into chaos if the protesters have their way. In a post to Facebook, she warned about “high drug addiction rates caused by unemployment, or a shutdown in the business sector, or the sale of companies to foreign interests.” Though she did not directly link those possibilities to the ongoing protest, her meaning was clear. “If you don’t want the government to return to power, you have to fight us in the election,” she wrote…

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