Serious human right violations created by a popular leader elected by the majority

THAILAND: Crime of the State: Enforced disappearance, killings and impunity – AHRC, March 27, 2014
[This article reflects the American confusion about democracy–that elections must somehow equal democracy, peace and even human rights.]
…Interestingly, the policies that have led to serious human right violations were created by a popular leader elected by the majority. The serious human rights violations committed under Thaksin’s administration even seem to be forgotten when the country is overwhelmed by color-coded political conflict.
…On 12 March 2004, the day that Somchai disappeared, there were 75 phone calls between the five police officers, which was very unusual in comparison with the record of calls on the days before and after 12 March, which show very few contacts among the group. The phone records also show that the group had followed Somchai since the morning until his disappearance. Interestingly, the records show that one of the defendants also called a person at the Prime Minister’s Office after the incident on Ramkhamhaeng Road.
…According to Angkhana, the police officers involved in the case were briefly suspended from duty during the Abhisit Vejjajiva government, but they have been reinstated and even promoted during the current Yingluck Shinawatra government…

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