Thai Weekly News Magazines, May 8-14, 2015


From Manager Weekly, May 9-15, 2015
Main cover reads: Drama in front of (7-11 shop)
[Refers to the campaign spreading through social media to call on people not to buy things from the CP’s convenience store chain 7-11 from May 7-11 to protest their market dominance.]


From Matichon Weekly, May 8-14, 2015
Main cover reads: Be careful! A ‘small’ bomb
[Refers to former PM Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh’s latest activities. Chavalit visited various groups, such as the Red Shirts, farmers, and former politicians. His latest actions raised the concern of the junta government. As Chavalit is a former army commander-in-chief, prime minister, and Red Shirt sympathizer, his involvement in the Thaksin cause is a symbol that a powerful leadership figure could exist to oppose the junta. More about Chavalit here.]
Top right yellow print: Referendum is in dilemma.
[Refers to the consideration of conducting a referendum on the draft Constitution.]

Nation weekend issue_cover_1197

From Nation Weekend, May 8, 2015
Main cover reads:  The ‘Red’ knight
[Refers to Major Gen. Apirat Kongsompong whose nickname is Dang. PM Prayuth appointed him as the new Chairman of the Government Lottery Office with the aims to solving the overpriced lottery ticket.]

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