Thai Weekly News Magazines, May 1-7, 2015


From Nation Weekend, May 1, 2015
Main cover reads: The earthquake in human’s heart.

[Refers to the earthquake that hit Nepal that caused thousands to die.]


From Matichon Weekly, May 1-7, 2015
Main cover reads: Red: The case of ‘Nepal.’ Lesson: the hatred of a ‘whistle’ class.
Yellow: The case of ‘Sorayuth.’: Lesson: the jealousy of a ‘middle class’
A Facebook post is fro Chai Ratchawat

[The cover illustrates two cases: Chai Ratchawat’s Facebook post related to the Nepal earthquake and Thai programme host Sorayuth who is facing land-grab scrutiny.
These cases share the same common thread–that they are being used for political matters. Thai famous cartoonist Chai posted on his Facebook that he would sell his assets if it could get all the bad politicians to go to earthquake-hit Nepal. Sorayuth has claimed that his case is related to a political vendetta against him.]


From Manager Weekly, May 2-8, 2015
Main cover reads: ‘Somyot’ not ‘Sompal’
On the Facebook post: A beautiful cake is for a happy day and joyful month. HBD to our great boss. Drinking sweet red wine.
On the cake: Pol Gen. Somyot Pumpanmuang

[Refers to husband and wife police officers. The husband killed his wife and then himself. Since this couple used to work with Police Chief Pol Gen. Somyot, rumors spread that he was involved in the case. However, he denied having an affair with the deceased woman. The cake and FB post to Somyot are allegedly from the deceased woman.
“Sompal” means an “abbot” in English. This word comes from the idiom “Sompal eats the temple’s chicken” meaning as “the boss has the affair with his staff.”]

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