Thai Tools


From Thairath, March 15, 2015
Title: Supporting tools
Top left: A device for solving the expensive lottery tickets
On the machine: Online lottery
[The junta government is considering launching an online lottery in order to solve lottery overpricing.]
Top middle left: A tool for protest
[Wearing black is one way Thais show opposition and dissatisfaction.]
Top middle right: A tool for money-laundering
[Refers to the Dhammakaya temple case. The temple is alleged to be used for laundering money.]
Top right: A tool for stop Bhuddha Isara
[Buddha Isara is a well-known activist monk who was one of the leaders fighting against Yingluck’s government.]
Middle right (the rug): A tool for coalition
[Anyone know the meaning of this one?]
Bottom left: A tool for ordering bombs and a tool for seeking victims
[Social media such as LINE and Facebook were used in planning a bomb attack on the criminal courts.]
Bottom middle left: A tool for identifying stalls.
[Sidewalk vendors use bike lanes for selling their goods.]
Bottom middle: A tool of 5th basic human need
[This refers to the four basic humans needs (air, water, food, shelter). The smart phone is now becoming the 5th most important thing for people’s lives.]
Bottom middle right: A tool for taking advantage of the country by politicians
[Corrupt politicians use elections to gain power and reap benefits for themselves.]
Bottom right: A tool for calling for the establishment of a republic.
[Refers to the bombings and threats of violence from Red Shirts who are thought to favor an overthrow of the existing Thai system.]

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