Thai Tomboy and Ladyboy Marry

Transgenders still ostracised by Thai society? – The New Paper, November 13, 2012
…The jeering and scornful stares that greet the couple whenever they are spotted holding hands or hugging in public, suggests that some are less tolerant of transgenders, even in a generally tolerant city like Bangkok.
It’s hard to hide their sexuality, even when Ms Rotjutakul walks with a forced swagger.
Says Mr Suafug: “Initially, we faced difficulty as people had never seen a tomboy and ladyboy together…

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2 Responses to Thai Tomboy and Ladyboy Marry

  1. louise says:

    I am a Singaporean, married in bkk on 30/11/2013. We had a wedding in Sg on 16/3/2013 with our families & friends attending, giving us the blessing. We are couple just like them. Just like what I said on my wedding speech: Our love prove one thing, Love have no limit.

  2. wawan says:

    if tom married still legal…because it not against the law of marriage system..

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