Thai takes on Trump and the Insurrection

From Arun, January 7, 2021
Caption: Trump’s supporters invade parliament of hopes of stopping Biden–which killed 4 people. “When the democracy was destroyed”

From Thairath, January 11, 2021
Title: If you want to do a coup, use a whistle.
Phi Nooring: Must consult Lung Kamnan
Mouse: Obsessed with power

[Refers to U.S. President Donald Trump who called on his supporters to fight to protest against the election after he lost to Joe Biden. While those inside the U.S. might parse these words, wondering if Trump was calling for a coup of some kind, other nations with recent histories of insurrection could see exactly what this was and have called it a coup attempt.
The cartoon notes that Trump should take advice from Thailand’s successful coup plotters such as Suthep Thaugsuban (known as ‘Lung Kamnan’). His protest group, known as the whistle mob, harassed government figures by blowing a whistle and tried to prevent a snap election after the government tried to push through a blanket amnesty for Thaksin. All of this chaos was used as a pretext to stage yet another coup.]

From Manager, January 11, 2021
Caption: The old Thai [is] the new innovation in America.
Trump: They call it the Pattaya Model… The previous Thai PM [Thaksin] suggested me to use it!!

[This is yet another Thai view of the events of January 6, 2021 when Trump supporters attempted to halt the certification of the election of Joe Biden.
It draws parallels between the storming of the Capital in Washington and the Red Shirt storming of the ASEAN Summit in Pattaya in 2009. During that time there were targeted protests in an attempt to topple the government, culminating in an attack on a car that was presumed to have the prime minister inside.]

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