Thai-style working

From the Thai-language press - Matichon editorial: Thai-style working - November 14, 2005

Many works of government policy cause many problems to solve both in the short-term and long-term. Many times we see ministers who put forth ideas thoughtlessly and without information and the fact to support their views. When nobody agrees with so the idea it is canceled easily. This is different from solving problems with analysis and if nobody agrees, it should be proved and confirmed and not so easily canceled.

The idea to solve the problems of the deep south put forth by the Interior Minister or his related persons each time--such as setting up cable TV or migrating people to the area or even Minister of Social Development and Human Security’s idea to solve youth problem by motorcycle racing or pointing spotlights at hotels--may have good intentions, but it is to easy. When there is an objection, their answer is that they are just giving suggestions. This clearly shows the efficiency of government thought and that finding someone for the position is like playing to sell rice and curry.

To solve the accumulative social problems, whether youth or the deep south, takes solutions at the structural level and needs time and energy in every way to find the root cause. It expertise including the knowledge of history, politics and administration. It must be analyzed and researched in every case and aspect.

The truth is that most of the high government officials are electioneers who have the business to be selected to work in the government team and make overseas trips. They must know that solving problems at the government level is not easy, but because we play politics as a family and do not consider other's feelings, we can see clearly that more problems happen.

To be governing the nation absolutely at the House of Representative level may make the one who has power forget that while he is looking at a star his feet must be on the ground. His mind must be with peoples' grief and happiness. Having absolute power does not permit one to do whatever they want and appoint whoever from wherever because the result is what we do not expect to hear, but we hear anyway. It seems that the nation's administration is like playing musical chairs and is opposite to the Prime Minister’s wish of seeing the nation progress in stability in the new century while people live without hardship.

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