Thai-Style Olympics

From Manager, August 6, 2012
Take this team to London Olympics 2012, and we will surely sweep the medals!

Natthawut says: It’s on me!
Participating in the torch lighting is Natthawut who is famous for setting Bangkok on fire.

Duang: “Now you know who my father is!”
The winner for the gold medal for shooting can’t be anybody else but him — Duang, the man whom Pol Snr Sgt-Mag Yim and those who went to the Twenty Pub witnessed his sharp-shooting skill.
[Yim is the nickname of Pol Snr Sgt-Mag Suwichai Rodwimut who was mysteriously shot dead in the Twenty Pub with Duang as one of the suspects.]

Pol. Gen. Adul will take care of the pole vaulting, his skill that once wowed everybody in the Royal Thai Police.
On the cards in front of the men: First senior officer, Second senior officer
[Pole vaulting is Pol. Gen. Adul Saengsingkaew, newly appointed as Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police. The joke is that as a Thaksin crony he was able to jump ahead in seniority and become chief.]

Pheu Thai MP Karun says: Here you are, father and mother!
Competing in the Taekwando must be ‘Ai Keng’ [nickname of MP Karun from Don Muang] Don Muang who is skillful in using his foot for brain!
[Karun being famous for his openly violent antics.]

Arisman says: London must become a sea of fire!
For long throw, it must be Phi Kee [brother Kee] who once threw a Molotov cocktail bomb over the Royal Thai Military HQ’s fence.
[Referring to Red Shirt Arisman and his famous threats during the Red Shirt protests.]

With the fans to pressure–oops! To watch over the referees.
[In the Thai world, referring to a person as a “buffalo” is an insult that denotes stupidity. This refers to the Red Shirts attempting to threaten the courts when key decisions arise concerning their members.]

Top: This sport doesn’t exist in the Olympics. However, this woman will surely win a gold medal for lifting shopping bags from downtown Oxford Street. [referring to PM Yingluck and her love of shopping]
Below: This height-disabled man is waiting to grab medals in the Paralympics. [referring to diminutive Banharn]

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