Thai Red Shirts to Monitor Democrat Party-Backed March against Democracy

Thai Red Shirts to Monitor Democrat Party-Backed March against Democracy –, November 21, 2012
…The protests against democracy in Bangkok are in part a response to the international recognition achieved by the current government that was never possible under the last coup-appointed administration of the former government. At a press conference Sunday 18th November President Obama stated he was “proud to stand beside the democratically elected leader of Thailand,” Prime Minister Yingluck, and that he was “very admiring” of the efforts of the Thai people to “restore and strengthen” democracy. Just one week earlier, Prime Minister Yingluck was granted audience with Queen Elizabeth II and met with UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
To conduct this process of evidence gathering this weekend, the UDD shall be employing legal monitors on the ground during anti-democracy protests and coordinating with the relevant authorities in Thailand to ensure, that should a coup or serious violence occur, those responsible are held to account by the international community. The purpose of the process is to catalogue, name and publish all the details of those involved with financially supporting the coup plotters. Once those funding the movement are revealed to the public, the UDD plans to call upon its +14 million members to boycott these businesses in Thailand…

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