Thai red shirts leader says ‘It’s time to get rid of the elite’

Thai red shirts leader says ‘It’s time to get rid of the elite’ – Telegraph, January 30, 2014
…”If there is a coup, of course I’ll go to Bangkok and fight,” said Phutthiphong Khamhaengphon, the head of security for Khon Kaen’s red shirts. “Millions of us will go. We’ll fight in many different ways. If necessary, it will be like the Vietcong fighting the Americans in Vietnam: a guerrilla war…”

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  1. Wiz says:

    Hmm … with Ai Koh Tee who is the subordinate of Big Jazz like this, he must refer to those who are in Big Jazz’ enemy lists as well as Ai Maew’s enemy lists if those in enemy lists are not their common enemies.

    For the case of Phutthiphong Khamhaengphon, he is clearly UDD hard core since who he has said is in line with what Lt Gen Manut Paorik (one of UDD hard core leader – Precadet Class 10 as Ai Maew) has told Thai Post before.

  2. %%% says:

    One can truly share their distain for the so-called elite, and still find absolutely nothing worthwhile (in the long-term) about the leadership of the Redshirt movement. One wonders if they have ever heard of the Khmer Rouge. In next-door Cambodia, a devastatingly-efficient attempted extermination of the elite has led to nothing of any endurable quality, other than the ascent of the completely worthless and hopelessly corrupt Hun Sen. Indeed, the Red Shirts sole claim to fame so far is also almost completely negative. Even before they begin to get more ambitious. They burn & bomb stuff, kill and beat people up, create ghettoes of thoughtlessness, help despots to survive well beyond their sellby date and allow their own leadership to grow unnaturally rich. In effect, they are in the business of creating yet another worthless elite.
    Maybe Redshirts will actually enjoy killing the Bangkok elite en masse, but they most certainly aren’t going to create a legacy of any quality. They might well do much better sending out their daughters to subvert the elite – through the famed seductive charms of Northern women, with their well-publicised ability to bleed rich people dry. That would undoubtedly have far more future worth than a load of wannabe camouflage-suited macho man rambos running around asserting their wounded male pride. It might also inject a bit of hybrid vigor into the elite – which is largely renowned at present for its arrogant torpor. It might also inject a bit of hybrid vigor into the playboy know-nothing do-nothing culture of the North. And the Northern male contribution to that process might well be to stop getting leglessly drunk at every whipstitch, start cooperating in their own local community projects (that don’t need any elite input) and generally start doing something constructive for their own communities other than just bitching about the elite and allowing themselves to be enslaved by it.

  3. %%% says:

    And how is Vietnam now any better – since it became just another capitalist running dog.

  4. %%% says:

    And the real irony is that it is just such a nasty scenario – as projected by the violence-loving local mafia Redshirt voodoo man – that would convince the Shinawatras, Damapongs and Wongsawats to leave Thailand en masse, never to return.

  5. Wiz says:

    Khun %%%, Many of those ex-CPT men who are now UDD leaders DID get the training from Khmer Rouge and they have strong faith that ONLY YEAR ZERO will bring the justice to them and those UDD leaders bloody want such a devastation which also shared by Ai Maew and Hun Sen whose sentiment right now is total destruction of Thailand.

    However, all the security apparatus who have not become watermelons or tomatoes like those UDD hard core leaders have known that kind of ideologies of those UDD leaders with a lesser extend to those watermelons and tomatoes who joint UDD hard core factions so well, and they are preparing a series of massive purges which are in bloody need as you can read here:

    BTW, Uncle Sam and UN would have to think twice for the intervention or even support UDD men as Mainland China would never let them do that as mentioned in the messages above. Thai people will also never let them do that.

  6. Wiz says:

    Even those Thai cartoonists who come from Chiang Mai as well as those from Isan and those in Bangkok who take side with PT men felt abhorred about the movements to secede the Northern region and Isan region from Thailand to the point that they would not LET those UDD men do such a kind of heinous crimes

  7. Wiz says:

    the way comrade Poon said that ONLY those who cast the ballots are UDD men – This ONLY makes more people abhorred the election and peter out any voters who are not UDD men
    She even talks about the reprisal attacks on the whole Thai banking system as they refuse to support the rice pledge – they have considered the whole Thai banking system as their class enemies – never thought before that her madness has reached this level!

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