Thai Protesters Can’t Win by Dismantling System

Bloomberg: Thai Protesters Can’t Win by Dismantling System

Khaosod: Pheu Thai Spokesman Threatens Suthep With Lese Majeste

“Teflon Thailand” is starting to lose tourists to its political chaos

Red threat to ‘surround Bangkok’ [we are not sure why ‘surround Bangkok’ is in quotes in the article headline as it does not appear anyone really said that]

The New York Times debates the Thai monarchy [interesting that the Times’ original, accusatory headline for this article was quickly changed]

Tourism Authority of Thailand update on the current situation for tourists in Bangkok

Thai DSI chief: academics on stage at the rally & those who express support for Suthep’s actions will face treason charges

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One Response to Thai Protesters Can’t Win by Dismantling System

  1. Wiz says:

    Red threat to ‘surround Bangkok’ -> it has referred to the old communist strategy of using troops in the jungle to encircle the cities as the way to starve the cities and force the enemies in the cities to surrender – a favorite tactic of UDD leaders who happened to be ex Communist Party of Thailand men.

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