Thai Politics: A Family Business

Family Business – Bangkok Post, July 31, 2011
…Need to borrow some quick cash? Done. Want your newly graduated son hired by a certain company? Done. Want daughter to attend a particular school? Done. Need pesky bookie to back off a little? Done. Parties and festivals to keep the ”serfs” happy? Done. Fat envelopes for weddings and funerals? Done and done. And the latest trend – populist polices? Done.
So when election time comes, the hua-kanaan, or canvasser–the ears, eyes and bulging biceps of the lords and barons, many also heads of the district administrative offices–will make sure that the X is marked in the right box. What happens if a district votes against its patron? The many political assassinations, failed and successful, before and after the July 3 general election, are examples of the extreme repercussions….

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