Thai police still protect Yingluck overseas

From Manager, July 2, 2018
Pol. Gen. Chakthip: I sent Gen. Nui to arrest Yingluck… and he did arrest her during her shopping trip in London… So, the picture you saw where he is carrying her bags is misinterpreted… He then took her for investigation to a nearby hotel nearby where he arrested her.
Caption: An explanation… may be like this.

[Refers to a photo showing Yingluck shopping in London with Thai police officer Watanyu Wittayaphalotai acting as her bodyguard and carrying her shopping bags.
As Yingluck is a fugitive from court cases in Thailand, it is surprising that Thai police officers are still acting as aides for her overseas. It is also embarrassing to the junta as it demonstrates the loyalty of the police force towards the Shinawatra family.
This cartoon ridicules police chief Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda on his failure to arrest Yingluck. Even worse it shows that the Royal Thai Police still act as bodyguards for the fugitive Shinawatras.]

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