Thai PM warns against ‘instability’ and ‘more conflict’

Thai PM warns against ‘instability’ and ‘more conflict’ – BBC, June 27, 2011
In the middle of a hard-fought election campaign Thailand’s Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva says that any attempt by the opposition Pheu Thai party to bring back Thaksin Shinawatra ‘will bring more instability’…

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One Response to Thai PM warns against ‘instability’ and ‘more conflict’

  1. Bob says:

    Letting Abhisit stay as a prime minister after all the crime he have done is also a big danger to Thailand. Why isn’t he in jail? Why isnt PAD leaders in jail?
    Why are red leaders in jail, why did Somchai and Samak get kicked out for cooking on TV and Somchai for letting police throw teargas at yellow shirt?

    See the funny part in all this joke? OK to kill over 90 red shirts but huge crime to throw teargas and cooking on television. Thaksin didn’t get a fair trial so in my eyes he is not guilty yet.

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