Thai PM Prayuth lashes out at media, implies govt has power to execute reporters

Thai PM Prayuth warns media, says has power to execute reporters – Reuters, March 25, 2015
…Last month Prayuth said he had the power to shut down news outlets. On Wednesday, he took an even harsher line.
“We’ll probably just execute them,” said Prayuth, without a trace of a smile, when asked by reporters how the government would deal with those that do not adhere to the official line.
“You don’t have to support the government, but you should report the truth,” the former army chief said, telling reporters to write in a way that bolsters national reconciliation in the kingdom…

Khaosod: Thai Junta Leader Unleashes Fury on Reporters [Transcript]

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One Response to Thai PM Prayuth lashes out at media, implies govt has power to execute reporters

  1. Wiz says:

    Ranting of expletives from Big Too toward those meddlesome media including propaganda mouthpieces of UDD men – this is due to the deteriorating quality media who keep using their own prejudice to spin more news and articles along with the news report – a sign of media self destruction due to their greed – the void of etiquette, sophomoric, bias with a full of selfishness while kowtowing those who keep doling bribery – the expletive from Big Too toward media is EXACTLY what many Thai people and Thai nettizens badly want to tell mainstream media who are so partisan that they keep trying to direct readers to believe what media said against their own consciousness. They better give the straightforward information and let people decide by themselves instead of keep directing people to believe their prejudice since they keep looking down the readers in contempt. Their prejudice and personal hatred toward junta has gone too far to the point they are smearing against their government against the consent of people who let junta run the government – the usual way of partisan media who keep instigating so long they got paid from doing so.

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