Thai people have to pay for their stupidity… again


From Thairath, May 1, 2015
Title: Thai people have to pay for their stupidity… again.
Bowornsak: Just use it for five years. Then, when the politics is stabilized, we can revise it again.
On the constitution platter above the man’s head: Constitution ’58 [2015]
On sign held by man with glasses: Succession of work not succession of power
On chair: Establishment of the regime
On fat man: Bureaucratic polity
In circle: Accept it first, revise it later
On paper: Constitution ’50 [1997]
On a sword: Revise… must be dismissed
Phi Nooring: Revise the Constitution immediately
[Refers to the new constitution drafted by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) headed by Bowornsak Uwanno. Various groups, such as political parties, have disagreed with the draft and called for its revising. The draft constitution is concerned to be a tool to transfer the power of the junta government. This catalogs the Red Shirt viewpoint to the constitutional drafting process–power is flowing to bureaucrats and people are being pressured to accept the draft now.]

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