Thai people don’t intervene in your elections

From Thairath, January 27, 2018
A foreigner: The US Ambassador and EU representatives would like to know when Thailand will have an election as mentioned in the road map.
Middle: Man with glasses: Let me tell you something first why Thailand is number of 1 of the most popular countries for the tourists even ahead of the US and EU.
Foreigner: Why?
Right: Because Thai people are friendly, polite, and do not intervene in the elections of other countries.

[Refers to the pressure from outside countries, particularly the US and EU, on the junta to have elections as they have promised in their road map.
This cartoon reflects a common perspective of Thais in relation to advice from foreign powers. This perspective essentially translates to “it’s none of your business.”
This attitude stems from the Thai inability and disinclination to firmly explain their positions to outsiders. In the present case, the military is playing a game to stall and dismantle Thaksin’s political coalition that still threatens to return to power after elections.]

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