Thai people 40 years ago would not understand Thai people nowadays

From Manager, October 13, 2013
Student: Even though Thanom-Praphas were less dictatorial and corrupt than Thaksin… hundreds of thousands of us came out to oust them… Thaksin has viciously done this much to our country, why you still remain idle? What a shame! [meaning why don’t the people of the present day rise up to stop Thaksin and his schemes]
Caption: Thai people 40 years ago would not understand Thai people nowadays.

[The photo shows the popular uprising in October, 1973 that would topple the dictatorship that included Field Marshal Thanom Kittilachorn and Field Marshal Praphas Charusathien.

With an over-the-top claim that the dictatorship of the past was not as bad as Thaksin running the government, the cartoonist laments the disinterest of students today to resist the activities of the Pheu Thai-led government.

This brings to mind the similar laments of pro-Thaksin and Red Shirt groups. They have claimed that historic pro-democratic movements of the past are the same as the pro-Thaksin cause today and complained that students were not marching for the Thaksin cause as students did for democracy movements in the 1970s.]

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