Thai Contrasts


[These are from a popular Facebook account that highlights ironic or hypocritical situations in Thai society.]

Left, man: You’re being unfaithful to me.
Comments below: You bastard, why slap her?; Even if she is wrong, you have no right to hurt her; Pantywaist man
Right, woman: You’re a bad man, being unfaithful to me.
Comments below: good, bad man deserve it. center: if it were me, I will make it more harder. right: we should cut their penis.


Top left: Man: I’d like to ask you to marry Nong Bo. [“Nong” means “younger sister,” Bo is the girl’s name)
Father: No, I will never give my daughter to marry some one like you.
Top right: Man: But I love Nong Bo.
Father: You don’t even have a bride-price [a male dowry, common in Thailand]. How can you take care of my daughter?
Below left: Nong bo: I’m pregnant Dad.
Below right, at a wedding ceremony: Father: Chai yo… Chai yo. [a word like “hooray”]

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2 Responses to Thai Contrasts

  1. Wiz says:

    For the case of Nong Bo, this is more likely the case of pregnant without wedlock so the father Nong Bo has no choice left but to allow such marriage as … he never wants the future grandchild to live without father.

  2. Wiz says:

    For the case of belligerent couple, it is more likely the bias – if the wife beating the henpegged hubby, it is more like a comedy while wife beating by angry and mean husband is the serious domestic violence.

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