Thai newspapers on The King’s Birthday


From BanMuang, December 6, 2014
Respect the King – Thais are happy to know that the King and the Queen stay healthy. People wearing yellow shirts show their royalty outside the hospital.
The doctors from Siriraj hospital say the King and the Queen’s health condition are good as their ages. A number of people wait for show their royalty to the King and his royal family on his birthday. People in the whole country wear yellow shirts.
The Supreme Court seizes 68-million-baht asset – ‘Narumol’ a daughter of a closer assistant to Big Jew – The Supreme Court order to seize 68-million-baht assets Narumol, a daughter of Gen. Samrit Nonthachot
[The Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Positions ordered Ms Narumol, daughter of Gen. Samrit Nonthachot to hand over assets worth more than 68 million baht to the country after convicting her for being unusually rich.
This was the event that apparently caused Gen. Chavalit (Gen. Samrit’s boss) to petulantly declare that the junta’s reforms could trigger a counter coup.]


From Daily News, December 6, 2014
The Bureau of the Royal Household announces that the King cancels his royal activities.
The doctors agree that the King is not ready to appear in the public to mark his 87th birthday.


From KhaoSod, December 6, 2014
Queen Elizabeth and President Obama send birthday wishes to the King
People in the country wear yellow shirts to show their loyalty to the King outside the Siriraj Hospital. The Ministry of Justice releases 130 prisoners.


From Komchadluek, December 6, 2014
A crowd of people wait for showing their loyalty.
Obama sends a birthday wish to the King.
People are happy to know that the King and the Queen stay healthy. They gather outside Siriraj Hospital waiting to see him appearing in the public on 5 December. Leaders from around the world send him birthday wishes.
NACC investigates three Pol Lt-Gen. on the ten billion assets.
Pol Lt-Gen Pongpat was jailed. There is rumor on catching ‘Nopporn’
NACC’s panel begins probing ‘Pongpat-Boonsueb and Chaithat’ on the sources of the assets. Meanwhile, there is the rumour that Mr.Nopporn was caught in Cambodia. The case related to him expected to be finished by Dec 10.
[Refers to the National Anti-Corruption Commission’s examination of the assets of Pol Lt-Gen Pongpat Chayapan and two senior officers, Pol Maj-Gen Boonsueb Praithoen, former commander of the Marine Police, and Pol Maj-Gen Chaithat Boonkham. Meanwhile, it was alleged that Mr Nopporn was paying bribes to Pol Lt Gen Pongpat’s oil smuggling gang in the Deep South.]


From Matichon, December 6, 2014
Queen Elizabeth and President Obama send birthday wishes.
The King will appear in the public on his birthday.
A crowd of people wait to see him. The doctors from Siriraj Hospital say that his health is in a good condition for his age. The age of 88 is a lucky number in Chinese.

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