Thai Newspaper Headlines from President Obama’s Trip

From Khao Sod, November 20, 2012
Headline: Happy Obama had an audience with HM, Complemented Poo’s spoken English
Top left: Damn the freezing, Red ready for big rally, tens of thousands from Pak Nam, even polls are against, Lai Jud editor mocking dressing up with Eskimo dresses [referring to the upcoming anti-government rally]
Middle left: Southern mob, a train disastrously destroyed, Big explosive at Rue Sao, 3 dead, 40 injured

From Komchadluek, November 20, 2012
HM presented a book, Obama presented photos [the exchange of gifts]
Headline: Had a close audience; Prime Minister to have a bilateral meeting, offering som tam and grilled chicken

From Matichon, November 20, 2012
‘Obama’ showed respect to HM, pleased to have an audience, admired Thailand for supporting democracy in Myanmar
Top left: Bomb an iron horse [a train], 3 dead, 100 kgs. bomb; 3 bogies of Nakhon Sri-Ko-Lok train destroyed – cut off Nara [Naratiwat Province].

From Daily News, November 20, 2012
HM presented gifts to ‘Obama and his wife’: To give joint press conference with tight security

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