Thai New Year’s Cartoons: Goodbye year 2014

From Daily News, December 31, 2014
Top left: On the flag: Goodbye year 2014
On the truck: Prayuth 1 [Refers to the first government of Gen. Prayuth. If he reshuffles the cabinet, it would be referred to as “Prayuth 2″.”]
On rock in front of the jeep: Martial law
Top middle is the angel of the new year. Traditionally, Thais believe that the god and angels will bless people for the New Year. In the carton, the angel is dancing to bless the people, but she is surprised with the various situations occurring on earth.
Under here is as boxer beating a woman. This is Thai Rock star Sek Loso. He was sued for hitting his wife.
Top right: A man falling from the plane: stocks
[Refers to Thai stock market facing the biggest fall since 2008 due to the decline of global oil prices.]
On the plane: Free Thai Organization for Human Rights and Democracy
[Refers to some of Red Shirt leaders and Thaksin’s supporter, such as Jarupong Ruangsuwan and Jakrapob Penkair who are exiled and established the Free Thai Organization for Human Rights and Democracy to fight the junta government.]
On the turtle: Koh Tao
[Refers to the murder of two British tourists on Koh Tao.]
Bottom left: On the knife: NACC
[Refers to the rice pledging scheme. The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has investigated in the case of rice pledging-scheme against former PM Yingluck.]
Bottom middle: On the prisoner: Big police [meaning high-ranking police.]
On the club: Chief of the Royal police
[Refers to an arrest of former Central Investigate Bureau chief Pongpat Chayapan. He and his group were accused on receiving bribes and citing the monarchy as a way to gain benefits. Such high-ranking arrests are extremely rare.]
On the football: Thailand national football team
[Refers to Thailand national football team which won the Suzuki cup in 2014. This victory brought the happiness to Thais amid difficult times of the country.]

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