Men who attacked family in Hua Hin “did not have the intention to harm” them

English media gives misleading story on abuse of British family in Hua Hin – TNA, April 29, 2016
…Ms Orasa said the suspects confessed that they did not have the intention to harm the tourists like some English media are portraying the story to be…

[This is all typical of the clueless way Thai tourism officials deal with negative publicity. Below, the Post and the Nation have differing reports on whether the family will return or not.]

Elderly Brits beaten up vow to return to Thailand – The Nation, May 3, 2016
…Lewis and Rosemary Owen, aged 68 and 65 respectively, told Panadda that they have visited Thailand annually and will continue to do so, the Thai News Agency reported.
They understood the attack has nothing to do with other Thais, it was reported…

Beaten British family heads home, won’t be back – Bangkok Post, May 3, 2016
…ML Panadda said the family told him such an assault could happen anywhere in the world and the attack should not besmirch the character of the nation. “They are not angry with the Thai people and they do not hate the Thai people,” ML Panadda said…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ML Panadda Diskul (Minister of PM Office) has to make an apology for the incident of the old British couples being trashed by drunk teens in Hua Hin

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