Thai markets open for the Chinese

From Thairath, April 26, 2018
Title: Seize the merit of Jack Ma
Jack Ma: Thailand open sesame!
On his suit coat: Alibaba
On Prayuth’s shirt: Return the happiness [the junta’s motto]
On the cave door: Investment in Thailand
Phi Nooring: Extending a breath
Mouse: Who will benefit?

[Refers to massive investment plans of Chinese businessman and Alibaba owner Jack Ma. Ma visited Thailand and met with PM Prayuth and signed several agreements with the junta to promote e-commerce. This helped to improve the credibility of the junta on improving the country’s economy.
The cartoon shows Jack Ma opening the Thai markets as if he is in “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” and is opening the cave. Prayuth is holding on to Jack Ma’s coattails to give benefit from the deal. In the Thai world this is personified as “seizing merit” or grasping at the benefits.
This cartoonist now always shows Prayuth with a Pinocchio nose to show the repeated delays in having an election.]

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